About Us

Coolex Misr is one of the leading electro-mechanical engineering companies in Egypt. The company has been established in 2012 by powerful national investor(s) to provide leading edge Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) installation and maintenance services. Our experience, dedicated staff and self-financing capabilities enable us to take on virtually any HVAC related project(s). Our main office is located in (Nasr City). Our teams are supported by fully equipped workshop located also in (Nasr City). We serve both public and private sector organizations. We work to a rigorous HSE policy, covering workplace safety, environmental management and the security of client facilities and personnel. All our procedures are fully documented. We are mainly dealing with the supply & installation of various ranges of Split type, Ducted-Split type and Roof-Top packaged units of World’s well-known Air Conditioning brands. Coolex Misr is supplying international premium AC brands including: Gree, Carrier & LG. We do also supply other popular brands like Samsung & Sharp. Over a period of time, Coolex Misr with the association of these brands have established a niche for them in the Egypt Market through Efficiency, Reliability & Durability. Along beside our Roof Top Package, VRF & Ducted/Split AC’s capabilities, we have a significant footprint in terms of designing, supplying, maintaining and installing chilled water systems. The unbeatable quality of Air-conditioning equipment combined with the unmatched commitment has made Coollex Misr as the most preferred supplier / contractor for Air-conditioning of high quality private and commercial authorities. Coolex Misr dedicate ourselves to quality of workmanship and investment in “state of the art” technology for our clients benefit. We contribute our resources and highly skilled manpower for innovative solution for the success of any project.

Our Vision

Aims to be known as the best and most respected technical and engineering solutions providers, well recognized for its consistent quality services in HVAC systems.

The Company will continue to grow; adopting modern technologies and developing competencies among its people, in order to continuously assure customer’s satisfaction through quality ,cost and time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide premium design, installation and service for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment in Industrial, Commercial and Resedential markets. We provide all the necessary components to create and maintain a comfortable indoor environment in existing and newly constructed buildings, while also providing a healthy indoor air quality and utilizing energy resources wisely.

Our Core Values

We live and breathe our core values:

• Customer Satisfaction
We serve all customers above and beyond their expectations.

• Integrity
Our word stays true to our actions. We demonstrate ethical behavior and expect honesty from our employees to generate an environment of honesty to our customers.

• Respect
We treat each person as we would like to be treated

• Teamwork
We create a positive teamwork atmosphere that encourages all employees to stretch to their full potential.

• Passion
Exceptional performance is everything to us. We don’t accept anything halfway.

• Safety
Our commitment to providing a safe workplace by building a relationship with our employees through education, training, hazard awareness and remediation.

Our Code Of Ethics

• Maintain strict compliance with all laws, regulations and ordinances pertaining to the HVAC industry and business operations.

• Design, install, service and repair HVAC systems in accordance with accepted industry standards.

• Develop and maintain an understanding of proper equipment selection to assure customers of safe, dependable and comfortable performance.

• Ensure that quality, honesty, integrity and good faith are hallmarks of contractors' business practices, including individual contractor sales, advertising, installations and service of HVAC systems.

• Maintain a clean, safe, respectable and well-identified place of business proportionate with the high standards of the profession.

• Increase the safety and efficiency of the HVAC contracting industry by participating in the education and training programs.

• Develop the highest quality standards of customer service and develop long-term relationships with customers.

• Encourage and support business development in which skilled and professional HVAC contractors are empowered to provide high-level services to consumers and end-users.

• Refrain from engaging in any activity defined as cross-subsidization

General Terms & Conditions

1.     Scope of Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions constitute a binding contract between (“Customer”) and COOLEX MISR (“Seller”) and are referred to herein as either “Terms and Conditions” or this “Agreement.” Customer accepts these Terms and Conditions by making a purchase from or placing an order with Seller or engaging Seller to perform or procure any services. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice, except that the Terms and Conditions posted on Seller’s Site at the time Customer signs the Installation Proposal will govern, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Seller and Customer.

2.   Payment Terms

Customer shall pay Seller according to the terms contained in the proposed quotation.


In case of currency devaluation or aggressive inflation, Seller will have the right to ask for price adjustment and will be required to justify the price increase through market price change analysis.

3.   Zoning and Permits

Customer agrees to secure the site environment and all related permits. Seller assumes no responsibility for violation of zoning rules/laws.

4.   Change Orders

During the progress of the work under this Agreement, if Customer should order extra work not specified in the Agreement, Seller may require such extra work to be considered an agreement separate and aside from this Agreement and may require payment for said extra work in advance.

5.   Work Schedule 

Work shall be completed within a reasonable time. Performance of this Agreement is subject to labour strikes, fires, acts of war or terrorism, acts of God, adverse weather conditions not reasonably anticipated, unusual delays in transportation, Seller’s ability to obtain materials, and/or any cause beyond Seller’s control.

6.   Substitutions

Should Seller be unable to obtain any material(s) specified in the Agreement or any Change Order, Seller shall have the right at its sole discretion to substitute comparable materials and such substitution shall not affect the Contract Price.

7.   Excess Materials

Extra materials left over upon completion shall be deemed Seller’s property, and Seller may enter upon the Property’s premises to remove excess material(s) at all reasonable hours.

8.   Supervision Responsibility

Seller shall supervise and direct the work at Customer’s Property, using reasonable skill and attention. Seller shall be solely responsible for the construction means, methods, technique, sequences, and procedures for all work performed at Customer’s Property pursuant to this Agreement. Customer shall not interfere with Seller’s work forces or Seller’s subcontractors.

9.   Limited Warranty

Seller shall provide Customer with a limited warranty on service and labour for the duration set forth in the signed contract, beginning on the date of completion of services against defects in the quality of workmanship and/or materials (“Warranty Period”). Seller shall not be liable during or following the Warranty Period for any: (a) damage due to ordinary wear and tear or abusive use; (b) damage due to use of the equipment beyond the design temperatures; (c) defects that are the result of characteristics common to the materials used; (d) loss, injury or damages caused in any way by the weather elements; (e) conditions resulting from condensation on, or expansion or contraction or, any materials; (f) any water leak, blockage, freezing, or other malfunction; and/or (g) air leaks arising from structural deficiencies within existing supply/return ducts or transitions.

Seller is not responsible for any warranties provided by the manufacturer.  Seller makes no warranty to Buyer regarding materials and/or equipment installed (other than a warranty of title), and Seller authorizes no third person or party to assume any warranty obligation or liability on Seller’s behalf. The only warranties applicable to the materials and/or equipment installed are those, if any, extended by the respective manufacturer that shall furnish to Buyer any and all applicable warranty documents. Seller hereby assigns to Buyer, without recourse, any applicable warranties extended to Seller.

Under no circumstances shall Seller be liable to Customer for loss of time, loss of use, inconvenience, or any other incidental or consequential damages that may arise from this Agreement.


Unauthorized repairs or attempted repairs shall void this warranty entirely.

10.  Design Conditions

Seller is not responsible for cooling/heating beyond the provided products Manual. Seller is not responsible for any problems incurred due to incorrect information provided by Customer at the time of consultation and load calculation. If Customer does not authorize Seller to conduct its own testing to determine load calculations, all insulation values, Seller shall size the new HVAC system based on the size of the existing HVAC system. In such case, Seller shall not be responsible for problems caused by over sizing or under sizing.

11.  Performance or Condition of Existing Equipment

Seller is not responsible for the performance, functionality, or compatibility of existing equipment, ductwork, duct board, controls, or other equipment/materials that is not replaced during a job installation and that Customer agrees to keep in place. In the event that the system fails to operate properly, the Warranty service will only cover the newly installed equipment, controls, or materials, as well as our workmanship. In the event that an existing piece of equipment prevents the proper start up or operation of the new equipment or system, Customer assumes all responsibility for any additional service charges that may be incurred.

12.  Paint, Patchwork, and Repairs

Seller is not responsible for any painting, patchwork, or repair work that may be required following modification/installation work unless stated in the contract.

13. Confidentiality

Both (i) Seller shall keep confidential any information disclosed by the customer and (ii) Customer shall keep confidential any information disclosed by Seller on: its business, organisation, finances, processes, specifications and technology unless it was (i) held by Seller prior to the agreement of these T&Cs, (ii) it is already within the public domain, (iii) was received from a third party or (iv) Seller is required to disclose under a law or regulation.

Seller reserves the right to use performed jobs general materials for sales and marketing purposes. This information will be used without sharing any confidential information.

14.  Indemnification

Customer shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Seller and its respective directors, officers, employees, agents, sureties, subcontractors, and suppliers from and against any and all losses, costs, expenses, damages, injuries, claims, demands, obligations, liabilities, judgments, fines, penalties, interest and causes of action, including without limitation administrative and legal costs and reasonable attorney's fees, involving the following: (a) injury or death to any person, or damage to or destruction of any property (including loss of use thereof), except to the extent caused by the sole negligence or intentional misconduct of Seller; and (b) any failure of the Customer to comply with the requirements of the Agreement.

15.  Risk of Loss

Risk of loss shall pass to the Customer upon delivery of materials and equipment to Customer’s Property. Seller shall not be responsible for any loss due to fire, theft, vandalism, and/or malicious mischief once delivered to Customer’s Property. Customer shall assume all responsibility for any such loss and Customer shall maintain insurance coverage to protect against such loss.

16.  Performance

If Customer fails to perform any of Customer’s obligations herein or if Seller, in good faith, believes that the prospect of payment or performance to be impaired, Seller may upon seven (7) days written notice to Customer terminate this Agreement while retaining all rights to get paid the full amount of work performed plus reasonable overhead and profit, interest, attorneys’ fees, and other charges due and unpaid.

17.  Collections

If amounts owing under this Agreement are not paid within thirty (30) days, Customer agrees to pay a late charge on any outstanding balance at two per cent (2%) per month on the unpaid amount calculated from the date payment was due. Customer will be deemed to have accepted Seller’s performance as complete under this Agreement unless Customer notified Seller in writing otherwise within thirty (30) days of substantial completion. Should Seller retain the assistance of a third party, including without limitation an attorney, to assist with collection of unpaid amounts due and owing, Customer agrees to pay Seller’s costs associated therewith including without limitation reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs, and interest at the maximum legal rate.

18.  Entire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Customer and Seller. No agreements, representations, or warranties other than those specifically set forth herein shall be binding on any of the parties unless set forth in writing and signed by both parties. 

19. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by The Egyptian Law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Egyptian Courts.